WebForm is a library that enables you to develop webbased (database) applications.

The core aim for this module is to minimize the amount of code duplication in projects (ie: user-data verification
algorithms) and to maximize the security of your applications by providing strong data-verification algorithms.


WebForm is available for download on the sourceforge project page.

Apache module available!
The long-awaited apache module which adds WebForm support to apache has finally been made! Download it here.
Apache supports the FileMatch tag. An Ideal situation would be, where you no longer have to write perl code for a webform to work,
and apache can handle the webform creation and initialisation.

Future Changes

One's package is never 'done'. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve the functionality by adding new features to this module.
In this section my views on what features may be useful.
  • Dynamic Form/HTML Generation
    Creating all the HTML templates and adding all fields is the only thing that has to be done when building a new site. Since perl
    supports ways to retrieve sql-table-information, this could be done much easier by generating HTML code on-the-fly.
    I'm already working on it and hope to include it in a future version.

  • WYSIWYG Form-builder
    The ultimate goal of this project is to make this module accessible for click-o-maniacs so they can click their sites together. This will
    make the use of this module much easier since there is you wont even have to use a text editor. Note that even with formbuilders, the
    webform documents can be written all by hand.


This module was partially written in my own spare time and while working for Cistron Internet Services B.V.

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